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Status: January 2024

This Cookie notice applies to the websites accessible under “” (the “website”).

This website uses cookies. Cookies are small files that contain certain information and are stored on your end device. Cookies originate either from Smart Train Lease GmbH – in which case they are so-called “first party cookies” – or from certain third parties whose services Smart Train Lease uses; in this case they are referred to as “third party cookies”.

Cookies are required to provide certain functionalities on websites, such as retaining the language selected by a user for the display of the website. In addition, cookies allow the respective publisher (Smart Train Lease or a third party) to recognize that a website has already been accessed by a specific end device. In this way, it is possible to recognize returning visitors (or their end devices) and gain information about their usage behaviour and presumed interests.

This information is used to present visitors with relevant advertisements for Smart Train Lease products and services on the website and on third-party websites.

Depending on their function and purpose, cookies can be divided into four categories: Strictly necessary cookies, performance cookies, functional cookies and marketing cookies.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are necessary to enable you to navigate the website and use its features, for example to set your privacy preferences, log in or fill in forms. Without these cookies, the services you have requested via the website cannot be provided properly. Under applicable law, strictly necessary cookies do not require the user’s consent.

You can configure your web browser to block strictly necessary cookies, but you may then not be able to use the website as intended.

If the data processed with the help of strictly necessary cookies is to be regarded as personal data in individual cases, Smart Train Lease’s legitimate interest in operating the website constitutes the legal basis for the processing of this data.

Performance Cookies

These cookies collect information about the use of the website, e.g. which pages are visited most frequently and how visitors move around the website. They help us to better understand user behavior on our websites. This is necessary in order to improve the user-friendliness of the website and thus the user experience.

Other information collected with performance cookies may include, for example, the Internet browser and operating system used, the domain name of the website from which you came, the number of visits, average time spent on the site, pages viewed.

The data collected when using performance cookies is generally aggregated and cannot be assigned to a specific natural person. In some cases, however, the data collected may be assigned to you personally (provided that you have disclosed your identity, e.g. when opening a user account or submitting a request). If the data processed with the help of performance cookies can be directly assigned to you in individual cases or can otherwise be regarded as personally identifiable, the legal basis for the processing of this data is your consent.

Functionality Cookies

These cookies allow a website to remember an input or selection you have made (such as user name, language or geographical region you are in) and provide the user with improved, more personalized features.

They are also used to enable requested functions such as playing videos.

If the data processed with the help of functional cookies is to be regarded as personal data in individual cases, the user’s consent constitutes the legal basis for the processing of this data.

Marketing Cookies

Marketing cookies (also known as targeting or advertising cookies) are used to display advertisements on third-party websites that are more relevant to the user and their interests. They are also used to limit the frequency with which an advertisement appears and to measure and control the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

The legal basis for the processing of any personal data processed with the help of marketing cookies is the user’s consent.

Smart Train Lease GmbH is responsible for personal data collected through cookies as described in this Cookie Notice and have entered into an agreement setting out their respective responsibilities for data protection. A summary of the content of this agreement will be made available on request.

In case of any request in connection with this Cookie Notice, please contact the Data Privacy Organization at