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Mireo Smart at a glance

Always the right train

Using approved and ready-to-operate trains of the latest generation, we guarantee a high level of reliability for on-time and economical operation. You can rent the Mireo Smart as an 2- or 3-car trainset for regional transport with the ability to couple multiple trainsets. Trains are available with electric, battery or hydrogen propulsion systems.

Excellent passenger experience

The optimized train design ensures maximum passenger comfort. The inviting interior offers a large usable area, while wide gangways allow for a clear view throughout the entire vehicle. This not only enhances the quality of the journey, but also increases passengers’ sense of security. At the same time, the Mireo Smart impresses with bike spaces and spaces for strollers. Extra wheelchair spaces and two optional boarding heights for level access enable full accessibility.

Technology that impresses

Equipped with ETCS, PZB and further innovative technical features makes the Mireo Smart 100 % future-proof. Every train meets the latest cybersecurity standards. Passengers enjoy a contemporary travel experience thanks to a continuous WIFI connection as well as charging options for their mobile devices directly at their seats.


More about Mireo Smart

Our services

Our maintenance contracts minimize life cycle costs and risks. The service options are entirely based on your needs and can be adapted individually.

Basic package

Centralized fleet maintenance management means that even the smallest fleets with short running times can be integrated into ongoing operations without extensive changes to the existing maintenance organization.

All spare parts in the right place at the right time, you save the investment in a warehouse or additional storage. Furthermore, you benefit from maintenance planning and responsibility from a single source and are compliant with ECM roles I, II and III.

We are available from day 1 with our team of experts. Fast fault analysis is guaranteed via the Support Center and our Digital Remote Services.

Standard maintenance activities can be carried out by your existing staff at any time without extensive training. We provide on-site support for all other activities.

Extended package

In addition to all services offered in our basic package, we offer on-site support via our mobile team. We provide preventive standard services (e.g. IS3, IS4) as well as targeted fault analyses and troubleshooting.

Full package

With our comprehensive full service package, you benefit from the entire range of preventive and corrective maintenance services. We maintain the Mireo Smart in your existing infrastructure without you having to do any work yourself. This allows you to focus on your core business and the best possible mobility for your passengers.

Smart Train Lease: How it works

Submit your request

Simply send an inquiry to Smart Train Lease via the website. We will discuss further details in a joint meeting.


Together with you, we analyze your requirements and expectations of Smart Train Lease.

Standard rental agreement

Smart Train Lease provides a standard rental agreement with conditions such as rental period, costs and insurance. Once both parties have agreed, the contract can be signed.

Start of operation

Your leased trainsets can be put into operation immediately. A simple process and clear communication every step of the way between you and Smart Train Lease ensures long-term success.

General questions

Booking process
  1. How can my company rent a Mireo Smart?

    Simply submit an inquiry using the contact form on our website. We will contact you at the earliest convenience to discuss the next steps.

  2. What information is needed to make a booking?

    In the initial stage, providing the following information will assist us in processing your inquiry:

    • Which type of Mireo Smart is of interest: EMU, BEMU, or HEMU?
    • On which network should the Mireo Smart be operated?
    • What are the infrastructure requirements?
    • How many vehicles would you like to rent?
    • What is the desired rental duration?
    • Even if not all the information is currently available, feel free to submit your inquiry. We will subsequently gather any additional details needed in a joint discussion.
  3. Is it possible to customize the number of carriages or seats?

    The seat layout / configuration of a Mireo Smart is fixed. However, the number of seats can be varied by coupling multiple trainsets.

Availability and schedules
  1. When should a booking be made to ensure availability of trains?

    Our trains can be booked several years in advance. Bookings are confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis.

  2. Are there any restrictions in terms of routes or travel times?

    There may be restrictions due to infrastructure requirements. However, it is best to clarify these topics in a joint discussion.

  3. Is it possible to request special times or routes?

    Absolutely. The rental period and the route or network on which the trains are to be operated are important pieces of information for the request.

Equipment and customization
  1. What equipment does Mireo Smart offer?

    The equipment of Mireo Smart meets the requirements of many public authorities and operators. Among other features, it is even equipped with ETCS.

  2. Can the trains be customized to our requirements?

    The Mireo Smart is a standardized product. Its design and features make it a high-performance regional vehicle. As the trainsets have already been produced, they are available for operation on short notice, so customization is only possible to a very limited extent.

  3. Is it possible to brand the trains or use a custom design?

    Seat covers and the exterior decals / exterior visual can be changed.

Pricing and payment
  1. How is the price of the train rental calucated?

    The pricing depends on various factors including the rental period, the short-term nature of the rental and the agreed-upon service level.

  2. Are there additional costs for special requests or services?

    In addition to train rental, we offer different service levels depending on the existing infrastructure and experience with the vehicles.

  3. Which payment methods are accepted?

    Payments are made monthly throughout the rental period. Special costs, such as new exterior decals, are charged as a one-time fee, at the beginning of the rental period.

Train handover
  1. How are trains handed over to our company?

    Details of the handover are agreed upon in a joint discussion. Trains are handed over at the agreed rental location.

Questions about Mireo Smart
  1. Which variants of Mireo Smart are available?

    The Mireo Smart is available with electric, battery-electric and hydrogen propulsion.

  2. Can the train be coupled to existing fleets?

    Mireo Smart trainsets can generally be coupled with other Mireo Smart trains. Details on coupling with other Mireo trains must be clarified in a joint discussion.

  3. To what extent can the trains be customized?

    The trains come as fully equipped products. Customization is only possible regarding the exterior decals and seat covers.

  4. Battery vs. hydrogen: do you recommend which variant?

    We recommend the battery-electric solution for shorter travel distances and for vehicles covering routes that are partially equipped with overhead lines so these can be used to charge the battery.
    Hydrogen technology on the other hand is the better choice if trains are supposed to cover longer distances without overhead lines and especially if you want to use the trains in mountainous terrain.
    The Mireo Smart BEMU covers a range of 80 to 120 km, while the Mireo Smart HEMU can be used for distances of 600 to 1000 km. Due to the different areas of application, we offer the Mireo Smart in both variants.

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